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Property Tax Consulting

Leverage our appraisal expertise to lower your property tax liabilities, increase marketability and realize greater asset returns.


Litigation Management

Our substantial experience with the ad valorem appeals process can help you achieve greater reductions, more timely resolutions and manage legal fees.

Business Personal Property/Inventory

We meticulously analyze each individual asset to maximize the potential for savings on your business personal property and inventory assessments.

Property Tax Administration

Shed the burden of the day to day management of your property tax accounts.  We can help you prepare reports, manage deadlines and keep your accounts in compliance.

Valuation Services

A thoughtful and well planned approach yields meaningful insights.  Our team’s decades of appraisal experience and market insight empowers our clients to make informed decisions . 

Cost Segregation

Cost segregation is the IRS approved process of accelerating depreciation on a real estate assets that can result in substantial savings on your income taxes.


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